The Sarmiento Sales Team Testimonials

I had originally decided to hire a different realtor to sell my property.

I was with them for around ten months and the property just would not sell, so I took it off the market for the winter. My home was unique in the sense that it has very little land around it and it was small. When I met with Walter, he told me that the home was priced right and he could not understand why it had not sold. After putting the home on the market with Walter we were bombarded with showings and after two weeks we received an offer very close to our asking price. Walter negotiated the buyer up and we agreed to an offer only $4,000 less than our asking price. I was very happy with Walter and the transaction, I was worried that the sale was not going to go through, Walter researched my property, connected me with a real estate attorney that told me that there was nothing wrong and I would be able to sell the home. The closing took a bit longer than expected, however were were able to successfully close on the sale of my home. I would not hesitate to recommend using Walter if you are looking to sell your home anywhere in the Bronx.

George Milano

Walter did an excellent job in helping sell my property.

We originally hired a different agent to sell our house, after six months of nothing happening our agreement ended and a friend of mine who previously worked with Damaris said I should speak to her. Damaris referred me to her brother Walter. After meeting with Walter he said the home was priced correctly and he would take better quality photos, and write a better property description, which he did. Since it was on the market for such a long time and nothing happened we were worried the property would not sell. We listed the home for $389,000 and we sold it for $379,000! We were on the market for only a few months before we got the right offer! We are so happy we decided to trust Walter & Damaris to sell our property, I would not hesitate to call Walter or Damaris if I ever need anything.

Jolunda Craig

At first I thought I was going to hire another realtor to sell my home, however since they were not responsive and Andy was persistent in reaching out to me, I decided to meet with his brother Walter.

Walter was very professional and honest in his approach. He set the right expectations for what it would take to sell the home right from the start. There were no hassles during the transaction and everything worked out perfectly. They were even pleasant to speak to after the transaction, which shows they actually care about their clients. As far as getting the job done goes, I would rate them a 10/10 and would be happy to refer anyone I know their way.

Frank Trotta

I first met Walter through a personal referral, he had sold a few apartments in my building and I wanted to sell my two bedroom co-op.

I met with Walter and he seemed, friendly and knowledgeable, so I decided to work with him in selling my apartment and in finding a larger apartment. We were able to do both transactions fairly easily, we sold my two bedroom apartment getting 100% of the asking price and we were able to negotiate a good price for the purchase of my new four bedroom coop. I have been in touch with Walter for a few years now and have referred several other people to him. He is always nice and professional and gets the job done right. I would not hesitate in referring Walter to anyone else that is looking to buy or sell a home in the Bronx.

Raul Rivera

Part of my responsibilities as the executor of my grandmother’s estate was to sell my grandmother’s house in the Bronx.

After interviewing several brokers in that area, I decided that Walter had the energy, experience, dedication and will power to ensure a successful transaction. Walter hit the ground running as soon as our engagement agreement was signed by listing the property on all of the appropriate sites, putting together the necessary marketing materials and making good recommendations on certain improvements to the house to improve showings. Walter was hands-on throughout the entire process and in the end, the estate received a good market price for the house.

John Goodwin, Client — January 7, 2013

My name is Gary Nackenson.

We first tried to sell our property at 35 Hillcrest Avenue in Larchmont on our own for a few months. We thought it would sell relatively quickly since we were in a very nice part of Larchmont. After a few Open Houses and posting on Craigslist and Zillow, we began getting frustrated with the situation and decided to call and have a conversation with Walter, he had been following up with us since the very first time we posted an ad for sale and seemed to be very interested in helping us to sell our property. We decided not to go with a local agent because they all seemed to wait for the business to come to them and we wanted someone that was going to be more aggressive in getting our property sold. When we met with Walter he convinced us to price the property $25,000 below where we had it at and he told us it would sell. We received several offers and we went with the highest one which was $1,000 above our full asking price. Walter is a very nice man who was very supportive through some of the inevitable ups and downs of the selling process. We are happy to have hired Walter and would definitely recommend him to anyone else looking to buy or sell in Westchester.

Gary Nackenson

Walter called us one day because our home had expired off the MLS.

He said he could help us sell, and after trying to sell our home for years with six other real estate agents I did not want to get my hopes up. Walter came to our home and we told him all the horror stories we had in dealing with other agents. We told him about the one agent who would schedule appointments at the very last minute without notice, we told him about the agent who said she would come back and take photos and never did, we told him about the agent who promised us that they would put up a for sale sign and never came back, and we told him about all the agents that we hired and then disappeared never to be heard of again. We were very frustrated at what we had gone through. Walter gave us his word that he was different, and told us that if we were not happy with him we could cancel early. My husband and I had been trying to sell our home for years and we knew that eventually we would have to hire an agent. So we went ahead and hired Walter and his team. We had our property sold almost immediately. There were a lot of showings, and a few offers. Once someone offered above asking price with a $150,000 down payment we knew we had found our buyer. We are so happy we decided to work with Walter. When we are ready to buy our next home we will definitely be contacting him again.

Robert & Anubia Schraud

Walter was referred to us by another real estate agent that works in Brooklyn, he told us that he does not really work in the Bronx and he would connect us with a top agent in the area.

When I spoke to Walter we agreed to price the home so that it would sell. We were serious about getting the home sold and Walter explained that if the home was priced too high it wouldn’t sell or it would take a lot longer. We priced our home at $399,000 and we sold it for $385,000! It took less than three months on the market to find a buyer. We would definitely work with Walter again if we need to buy another home in the Bronx.

Connie Perez
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